Since 2005, WavSpeed has been offering MSP and VoIP services and solutions to small to medium sized businesses primarily, and also to Enterprise companies as well. Our services span from Managed IT Services and Staffing, IP Telephony Systems and Services, Hosted Exchange-Alternative Collaboration Services, and much more. Call us today to find out how WavSpeed can save your company expenses and let you focus back on your day-to-day business.


WavSpeed is a company that believes in reinvesting in the communities that we do business with. For every school, police or fire department, or municipality that we service, we donate back 10% of our revenues to those organizations and communities as a humanitarian effort to help keep those communities safe and beautiful. Below is listed our core beliefs and standards to all of our customers.

Founded in 2005, WavSpeed started offering fixed-wireless broadband to rural communities. Building on this business, WavSpeed expanded services to Small-to-Medium and Enterprise Sized companies to help fill the need of cutting expenses in this rough economical time. Refocusing on this area of business services, WavSpeed has been able to offer World-Class products and customer services at the most competitive prices. Allowing our customers to benefit from the best technology on the market without having to go broke

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